Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So, I started a blog.  I'm guessing that sentence is probably similar, if not the same, as many new blog's first sentences.  I'm also guessing that my reason for starting one is similar as well.  Let's skip that part then, ok?  The first question that will arise from this blog is along the lines of "What's liver pudding and why would you name your blog that?"  The latter question is answered by simply, I like it and it's unique.  It's not just unique to the South or even South Carolina.  It's unique to the location in South Carolina where I was raised, in between the midlands and the lowcountry.  Growing up, my Dad made breakfast.  Early morning was his time of day and he was more in charge and alert than pretty much anyone I knew or have known since then.  He got me up in the morning and our day began by eating the breakfast he had cooked for us.  Since I am by far the youngest child, my main memories are of him and I sitting at the breakfast table.  Not a ton was spoken, but we ate and then it was time for me to get ready for school.  It wasn't always the same meal.  However, my favorite was liver pudding served with grits and a fried egg.  We usually had toast or an english muffin too.  Yep, Dad believed in a big breakfast.  I could this and every blog post about my Dad, but I'll save those.  This is about the liver pudding.  It was such a big hit with my Grandma that my Uncle Charles used to sneak it into her nursing home room against her doctor's orders.  How are you going to deny a 90 year old lady her favorite food?  Well, he didn't and she had the cook there make it for her.  When I went to college at the University of South Carolina I discovered Lizard's Thicket in Columbia also has liver pudding for breakfast.  I think they call it the lowcountry breakfast or something along those lines.  They don't use the same brand I grew up with, which is Harvin's, but it was still good and reminded me of home.  So, what is it?  You ready?  You sure?  Ok, but we're going to talk about something now that you've read this far.  It is, according to Harvin's website "a mixture of pork liver and a variety of meats with cooked rice and selected spices."  Yep, "a variety of meats."  I'll let your own imagination play with those words for a bit.  Fun, huh?  Well, it's like what they say about sausage, you don't want to see it made.  And yes, we had sausage and grits growing up too.  That's just not as cool a name for a blog though, is it?  Another small point about this, but really it's about people in general.  If you tell someone you like to eat something that may be different from what they know or eat, why is the reaction usually "ewwww!!!!"  Or something along those lines?  You're not making them eat it.  You're not, usually, even trying to convince them to eat it.  However, they have this irresistible urge to let you know they find it oh so unsavory.  Why?  I met someone once who told me they put A1 sauce on their french fries.  She told it to me in a way that she was just waiting for me to say "yuck."  They're not my fries.  I don't really care.  You can put syrup on them if it makes you happy.  For my part, I'm going to continue to eat my liver pudding and grits occasionally.  If you want some, I'll make them for you, if not, well, let me know what you want and we'll work something out.